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At Al's Cycle & Hobby, we pride ourselves in having a thorough knowledge of our products so that we can offer you valuable guidance when shopping for a mountain bike, a radio controlled car, truck, buggy, airplane or helicopter. We've been at the same location for over 30 years and have always been the premier hobby and bicycle shop for the entire Rogue Valley and surrounding areas. We offer top quality products and our customer service cannot be beat! Stop by today to see the incredible inventory of hobby and cycling fun to be had!

Customer Reviews

"Al's Cycle and Hobby is the GREATEST "Cycle and Hobby Store" from Portland to San Francisco, and those stores only have size going for them. Everyone ALWAYS smiles and answers with a joyous demeanor. I really enjoy the people and the selection."

Scott Flick

17 reviews·5 photos

6 months ago - FIVE STARS on Google



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